What are the 9 rooms in the game Clue? (2023)

What were the original rooms in Clue game?

Since launching in 1949, the board game hasn't updated its nine rooms—the kitchen, hall, ballroom, conservatory, dining room, cellar, billiard room, library, and lounge, and study—in as many years.

How many rooms are there in Clue game?

There are nine rooms in the mansion where the murder can take place, laid out in circular fashion on the game board, separated by pathways overlaid by playing spaces. Each of the four corner rooms contains a secret passage that leads to the room on the opposite diagonal corner of the map.

What are the rooms and weapons in Clue?

Hasbro has also lengthened the weapons list from six to nine. The candlestick, knife and rope remain, but now weapons choices include a dumbbell, trophy or poison. The lead pipe, revolver and wrench are no longer part of the game. Meanwhile, new rooms include a theater, spa and guest house nearby.

Where are the secret passages in the Clue game?

Secret Passages:

The Secret Passages shown in the corner rooms enable players to move between opposite corner rooms in one move. This can be done on a player's turn without throwing the die merely by moving his token to the opposite corner room and announcing he is using the Secret Passage.

Why was Mrs White removed from Clue?

Board game enthusiasts will wonder if it was the candlestick in the library, or even the lead piping in the conservatory, but neither were behind the death of Mrs White. The answer, in fact, is that the makers of famous board game Cluedo have simply decided the famous character is no longer up to date.

What is the middle room for in Clue?

It is located at the middle of the board. There are three exits. In some versions, all players start here unless they are moved to other rooms to make a suggestion.
Conservatory8Using top stairs
8 more rows

What are the 10 rooms in Clue?

  • In Normal Clue game. Hall, Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ballroom, Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library, and Study.
  • In Dvd. They have the original 9 rooms plus the fountain, rose garden, and evidence room. ...
  • In Discover the Secrets. 9 rooms. ...
  • In The Classic Mystery Game. 9 rooms.

How many Clue combinations are there?

With a fixed number of potential murderers, weapons, and locations, Clue offers 324 different murder scenario combinations—so the game plays differently nearly every time. Clue's enjoyable, repeatable play ensured its success during the years since its introduction. It remains one of the 10 best-selling games.

Does Clue have 3 endings?

Clue's box office failure is usually attributed to this stunt, but, since the DVD, television and streaming versions all contain a clever edit of all three endings, the film has enjoyed a successful second life, and is often referred to as a cult classic.

What are all the pieces in Clue?

Game includes 2-sided gameboard with mansion and boardwalk, yellow murder envelope, Clue sheet notepad, 6 character tokens, 6 weapon tokens, 27 black Clue cards, 3 red bonus cards, 2 dice and instructions.

How many Clue weapons are there?

rope, gun, dagger, a candlestick, a wrench, and a lead pipe.

What is the conservatory room in Clue?

Conservatory is a room in Tudor Mansion and Classic Mansion. It is located at the top-right between Ballroom and Billiard Room. There is one entrance and a secret passage to Lounge.
7 more rows

What were the 6 original weapons in Clue?

Clue Board Game Replacement Weapons Set (6) Pewter Rope Candlestick Dagger Wrench Lead Pipe Revolver.

How do you always win the game Clue?

Strategies for How to Win at Clue (Cluedo)
  1. Figure Out Your Opponents' Cards.
  2. Eliminate One Possibility Every Turn.
  3. Focus on Rooms.
  4. Use the Secret Passages.
  5. Spend Time in Rooms You Have.
  6. Take Notes and Avoid Sharing New Information.
  7. Pay Attention to Opponent Suggestions.
Apr 30, 2020

Is the mansion in Clue real?

All interior scenes were filmed at the Paramount lot, except the ballroom scene. The ballroom, as well as the driveway gate exteriors, were filmed on location at a mansion in South Pasadena, California. This site was destroyed in a fire on October 5, 2005.

Who killed the host in Clue?

1. Professor Plum murders Mr. Boddy because he's blackmailing everyone.

What is Mrs. White real name?

Black. Discover the Secrets: Mrs. White had been completely reinvented as Diane White, an aspiring former child actress waiting for her day of recognition. The Classic Mystery Game: "White" is now an alias for the youthful Alexis Villenueve, in the game's first depiction as her being of African-descent.

Who is the most common killer in Clue?

Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren) killed most of the victims in the first Clue ending, including Mr. Boddy, Yvette, and the police officer. Most of the murders were collateral damage, as Miss Scarlet simply needed to cover her tracks.

Is the hall a room in Clue?

The rooms in Clue are the study, hall, lounge, dining room, kitchen, ballroom, conservatory, billiard room, and library.

Is bathroom a room in Clue?

Your favorite childhood board game finally got a mansion makeover. Clue (aka the great detective game) just added a new room to their classic home (and said goodbye to another). The murder mystery game now has a bathroom (and Monopoly's hotels have nothing on this).

What do you do in the rooms in Clue?

Move character pawns and weapons into rooms as you make suggestions. You need to be in a room to make a suggestion about that room, but you also need to move the suspect and weapon that you are suggesting.

Who were the original players in Clue?

These are the original suspects from the board game in rolling order:
  • Miss Scarlett.
  • Colonel Mustard.
  • Mrs. White / Chef White.
  • Reverend Green / Mr. Green / Mayor Green.
  • Mrs. Peacock / Solicitor Peacock.
  • Professor Plum.
  • Miss Peach.
  • Monsieur Brunette.

Who are the six original Clue characters?

The game's six characters are Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs Peacock, the Reverend Green, Colonel Mustard and the new Dr Orchid.

What were the original weapons in Clue?

4—The weapons used in the game we play today (and in the play) are the candlestick, dagger, revolver, lead pipe, wrench, and the rope. Pratt's original weapons, however contained an axe, bomb, syringe, poison, and others.

What is the oldest known board game?

The Royal Game of Ur is the oldest playable boardgame in the world, originating around 4,600 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia. The game's rules were written on a cuneiform tablet by a Babylonian astronomer in 177 BC.

Who was the killer in the original Clue?

Ending A: Yvette murdered the cook and Mr. Boddy under orders from Miss Scarlet, for whom she once worked as a call girl. Miss Scarlet then killed her along with the other murder victims.

How old is Colonel Mustard?

Colonel Mustard makes his debut as a 30 to 40 year old stiff-lipped gentleman, given a clean-cut British look with straw-coloured hair and moustache.

Who is the most popular Clue character?

Clue: The 10 Best Characters, Ranked
  • Yvette. ...
  • Professor Plum. ...
  • Colonel Mustard. ...
  • Mrs. ...
  • Mr. ...
  • Miss Scarlet. ...
  • Mrs. White. ...
  • Wadsworth. The man of the hour, the butler and master of ceremonies, Wadsworth is the glue that holds the movie together.
Sep 25, 2021

What is Miss Scarlet's real name Clue?

2002 US: A more cubist rendition of 1996 US Scarlet, Josephine Scarlet is the daughter of Mrs. Patricia Peacock, though the two are not on speaking terms.

What is Mrs Peacock real name?

The Classic Mystery Game: "Peacock" is now an alias for Eleanor Hamilton, a blonde ingenue. Despite her innocent looks, she is a formidable politician.

What is Miss Scarlet's first name?

Vivienne Sakura Scarlet (born July 16, 1928) is a vivacious and aspiring actress whose passion for fame, fortune, and especially men will let no one stand in her way.

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